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1914: Christmas Truce in WW1: British and German troops play football instead of fighting

December 25, 2022

The Christmas Truce of December 25, 1914, refers to a series of unofficial ceasefires that occurred along the Western Front during WWI.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 1914, German and British soldiers who were fighting in the trenches of Belgium and France began to exchange seasonal greetings and songs. In some places, the soldiers even ventured into no man's land to exchange gifts and souvenirs.  

The Christmas Truce was a brief respite from the brutal fighting of the war, and it has become an iconic symbol of the human spirit and the desire for peace, even in the midst of conflict. The truce did not last long, and by the end of December 1914, the fighting had resumed. However, the memory of the Christmas Truce has endured and has been remembered in songs, poems, and stories.

It is said that some of the soldiers who participated in the Christmas Truce of 1914 played football (or soccer, as it is known in some parts of the world) together in no man's land. According to accounts of the truce, the soldiers on both sides put down their weapons and came out of the trenches to meet each other in the middle of the battlefield. The football match is said to have been a brief but spontaneous moment of camaraderie and goodwill in the midst of the brutal fighting of the First World War.

However, not everyone got to enjoy a truce. Fighting lasted through Christmas on some parts of the Western Front as officers worried that a truce would undermine the fighting spirit. Despite the success of the Christmas Truce, the command on both sides worked to stop similar truces from happening, although there were occasional breaks for soldiers to rebuild their trenches and bury their dead.


  1. Joan Delgado

    Ukrainian soldiers should DO THIS

  2. Larry

    Recommend a book on the subject. Literature is available.



  4. Danny Bramwell

    Clearly fracking was in order. We poor have more in common with the poor from other nations than we do with those ordering us to kill each other.


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