1542- Princess Mary Stuart becomes Queen Mary I of Scotland at just 6 days old

December 14, 2022

She was only six days old when Princess Mary Stuart inherited the Scottish Crown. Born December 8, 1542, the infant queen was too young to take over the daily tasks of the head of state. In her place, regents, and for a time, her mother ruled Scotland. Princess Mary also had ties to the British Royal family, which would day get her killed. Princess Mary didn't have a normal royal life. She was born into a tumultuous time when kings, queens, and their kingdoms fought each other with armies for territory and the right to rule. Mary's father, King James of Scotland, died in one of these clashes.

Princess Mary's mother was Mary of Guise, who was connected to French nobility. King James married Mary of Guise, who was his second wife. King James had been under pressure to have children and produce an heir to the Scottish Crown. His first wife, Madeleine of Valois, died of tuberculosis before they had children. King James married Mary of Guise, and they had Princess Mary. As the only surviving child, Mary had a right to the Crown. Unfortunately for her, she had bloodlines that reached into the British Royal family and King Henry VIII.

Princess Mary was a human chess piece in a world ruled by men. Mary was promised to marry King Henry VIII's son, which would help England consolidate power. This didn't happen, but because Princess Mary went to live in France, she became caught in French Politics. She was even Queen of France. Life didn't go as planned for Princess Mary. She returned to England, where the ruling Queen imprisoned her because she felt Princess Mary would take the English Crown from her. After 18 years, Queen Elizabeth had Princess Mary beheaded.




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