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1927 – 1st Model A Ford sells for $385

December 2, 2022

While many people associate the roaring twenties with parties, a lot more happened during this time. In fact, the 1920s got the nickname partly because the United States had found its industrial strength. The American economy boomed as new industries and products were birthed. One of the most innovative and influential was the automobile.  

Henry Ford and The Model A

Henry Ford had made millions of dollars by the end of the decade because he figured out the efficiency of the automobile production line. The Ford car, the Model A, went into production as a universal car everyone could afford in 1908. The result was more than a decade of sales dominance as Model As started showing up in home driveways. By 1927, and marked by a special ceremony, the 15 millionth and last Model A ended Ford's Dominance.

The Model T Enters The Scene

After stopping the production line for six months, Ford finally rolled out the Model T for a waiting army of middle-class consumers. The day was December 2, 1927, and other car makers followed Ford's lead and started their own brands. Most auto manufacturers made expensive cars one at a time for wealthy people that could afford to wait. These were the early years of the automobile industry, which would help the United States become an industrial superpower.

The Auto Industry Expands

Ford enjoyed auto manufacturing dominance for almost 20 years as the rest of the industry caught up. By the mid-20s, Ford's top spot was being threatened by other auto manufacturers. Ford's Model T by then was dated and didn't meet the needs of most Americans who wanted cars. Automobile technology has improved rapidly as other manufacturers used newer technology. Ford eventually bought many of those earlier luxury car brands, like Lincoln and Mercury.


  1. Joe Mara

    The early part of the article has the model A & T backwards.

  2. Dick Trail

    :You got the Model A and the Model T backwards! Other than that interesting


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