Alfred Nobel Established the Nobel Prize

November 27, 2021

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist, inventor, philanthropist, and businessman. He was extremely successful as an inventor, holding 355 patents throughout his lifetime. One of his most famous inventions was dynamite, which was used worldwide for mining and infrastructure development after it was patented in 1867.

In 1888, a French newspaper mistakenly published an obituary for Alfred Nobel. The obituary was extremely negative and condemned Nobel for the invention of dynamite. Afraid that he would be remembered so negatively after his death, Nobel secretly altered the statement in his will. With this new statement, Nobel set aside the majority of his fortune to establish the Nobel Prize after his death. The award was to be given only to those who “have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind during the preceding year.”

After Nobel’s death on November 27, 1895, the contents of his will caused international controversy, and the first Nobel Prize was not awarded until five years later, in 1901. Since then, it has been awarded annually in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Physiology, Literature, Medicine, and Peace. Over 900 people have been awarded a Nobel Prize, including Albert Einstein, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and President Barack Obama.

Despite its initial controversy, the Nobel Prize has become one of the most widely recognized and respected awards globally. Nobel Prizes are now considered to be some of the most prestigious awards available in each recognized field.


  1. Frank Gonzales

    The Nobel Prize Lost It’s Shine And Luster, When They Awarded One To The “Foreigner Traitor”, Barack Obama… Who Began The Destruction Of The United States… And With The Criminality Help Of The Clinton’s, Stole Millions Of American Dollars From The American People!

    • Minnie Autry

      You are a fool as the Bible describes one and those who think like you. Obama is one of the greatest men elected to the office of presidency, a descent honorable husband and father.

      • Minnie Autry

        Moderation from who? Did Gonzales moderate his? He defamed the character of Obama without knowledge.

  2. D.

    Thank you for your notes on Alfred Nobel. I was told that the is no prize in Mathematics because of his wife’s involvement with a mathematician. I’m sorry to besmirch her reputation, especially since she can’t defend herself. I’m just being sophomoric (a know-it-all who knows nothing!)

  3. DavidR.DeBurro

    Did Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo each receive the Nobel prize for peace???

  4. James R Lueken

    I enjoy reading your comments

  5. Rick

    What did Obama do to receive the Nobel Prize?

  6. Fred Taylor

    Interesting q and a”s


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