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1986- Iran-Contra Affair erupts

November 25, 2022

November 25, 1986, started like hundreds of previous days in the U.S. White House. It was President Ronald Reagan's second term, one swamped with sensationalized news stories and controversy. Against this backdrop, President Reagan had always insisted he would not negotiate with terrorists. Yet, on November 13, 1986, the President appeared on National Television explaining his part in what would come to be known as the Iran-Contra Affair.

The Iran-Contra Affair

It was a set of events destined to happen. On October 5, 1986, Sandanista Rebels shot down a small cargo plane full of weapons and ammunition. Three of the four occupants died, but the fourth, an American, was captured by the Rebels. Two of the three that died were also Americans. It wasn't long before people started asking questions about the tragedy.

Less than a month later, a story broke in a Lebanese Newspaper about secret weapon shipments to Iran.

These two events, in countries thousands of miles away, were revealed to be connected on November 25 as Attorney General Edwin Meese revealed to the world the details of Colonel Oliver North's management of the connection. The next day President Reagan announced the formation of the Tower Commission to investigate how and why huge parts of the U.S. Intelligence Community broke the law.

We The People Find You…Not Guilty

In the coming weeks, the Reagan Administration had to explain why proceeds from weapons sales to Iran were being diverted into covert CIA operations to help a guerilla rebel group overthrow their government.

The President went on TV acknowledging responsibility but denying he knew anything about the payments or other details. Top members of the Security Council provided the White House and the President plausible deniability even as members of his Cabinet were charged and went to prison, only to be pardoned later by President Bush.


  1. Norman Ladner

    Iran contra was my true wakening . The whole thing was a bunch of garbage . The president who said he wouldn’t deal with terrorists walked away clean ,a hero . Carter who was true to the US convictions, of not dealing with terrorists ,was branded incompetent . Then they marched out Oliver North not even a full colonel in his Marine uniform .That moment I saw just what a bunch of lies this nation is . I was a young father during Watergate a new husband and a new teacher that is my only excuse for not paying better attention . Iran Contra proved that this country was a lie . I served 2 years in the Army 1966 – 68 . What a fool I was ! Now we have a low life who killed 5 Capital Police wounded 140 because he wanted to be dictator .He is backed by the entire Republican Party ,the media didn’t even put the Jan 6 hearings on during Prime Time . I told my grand child I will back her in anything she does, except put her life in danger for this oligarchy !

  2. William Latta

    Remember Reagan also made a deal with Iran to hold the hostages until after the 1980 Election for weapons, equipment, and military spare parts.


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