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1895- Frederick E Blaisdell patents the pencil

November 19, 2022

Isn't it funny how even pencils have an origin? Today's post features the Frederick E Blaisdell Pencil that debuted in the 1800s. The pencil was an improvement from grease pencils—all you had to do once the graphite wore out was unwrap up more of the pencil.

Blaisdell Pencils were famous among artists and weren't primarily as durable as the ones today. In some cases, artists blew through 60 pieces per day.

Fun Facts:

  • On November 18, 1895, Frederick E Blaisdell received the patents for his reusable pencil invention, which was accompanied by a patented machine for manufacturing the pencils.
  • The Blaisdell Pencil Company was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • The company spent a short time operating in England, as well.
  • Did you know that in the 16th Century, people from England mistook graphite and called it lead?
  • The UK market held a monopoly over the Frederick Blaisdell pencil during its peak.
  • Over the years, prominent names made orders for custom pencils. Thomas Edison preferred the Eagle Pencil, which was made with thicker graphite than the other pencils.


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