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Sesame Street Premieres

November 10, 2021

November 10, 1969, was a Monday like no other. The kids’ show Sesame Street was set to premiere on PBS TV, and no one was more excited than the kids who would get to watch it. The show was expected to air on the public broadcasting service. A first of its kind, Sesame street was created to embody contemporary child psychology at the time. The creators of the film Joan Ganz Cooney(producer) and child psychologist Lloyd Morrisett were keen to get and keep the attention of the young ones eagerly waiting for the show.

Sesame Street

The show Sesame Street was intended to tackle everyday issues with an educational approach. Upon close inspection, you start to notice the creators intended to use the addictive qualities of television to educate children. The show positively impacted the young viewers using muppets, cultural references, humor and animation.

Sesame Street was first aired on PBS TV Monday, November 10, 1969. It was the first childrens’ show to use educational curriculums to shape its content. The show targeted young preschool children. Thanks to the unique approach, the show was a hit. Parents encouraged their kids to watch the program often to improve their knowledge about the world. The show was such a success it won 118 Emmy Awards and eight grammy awards. It’sIt’s worth mentioning that no other kid’s show has won that many awards.

On My Way to Where the Air is Sweet

The parents of preschool children were undoubtedly relieved to finally have a program that positively impacted their children’s lives. A few years after the premiere, 95% of American preschoolers confirmed watching the show regularly.

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