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1966 Movie actor Ronald Reagan elected Governor of California

November 8, 2022

November 8, 1966 was a memorable day for California. This California Gubernatorial election was the most one-sided political race yet, with Ronald Reagan winning almost unanimously. His Hollywood fame and political charisma propelled him into a favorable candidate over Pat Brown.

Fun Facts:

  • Ronald Reagan was the first American actor to become president. Before him, the seat was held by former soldiers and lawyers.
  • Ronald Reagan ran against Pat Brown, a seasoned politician and the incumbent California governor.
  • Pat Brown had promised not to seek a third term but failed to keep his word. This lowered his approval ratings tremendously, making him second best.
  • Brown’s ratings were also low because of the Watts riots. These riots were kickstarted by 21-year-old African American Marquette Frye getting pulled over for drunk driving. After resisting arrest, officers reportedly struck him in the face and proceeded to kick a pregnant woman who was present on the scene. The altercation caused six days of unrest and $40 million in property damages. About 14,000 Army National Guard members were called in, and 34 people died.
  • Ronald Reagan moved from being a construction worker to a lifeguard and then a radio presenter. His first taste of politics was when he worked as Screen Actors Guild president.
  • Reagan had one of the most successful careers as California governor; this credibility paved the way for his presidential election win in 1980.
  • During his time as Governor, Reagan raised taxes in order to turn the state deficit into a surplus. He also challenged UC Berkeley protesters and ordered in National Guard troops.





  1. john gregory

    He was a scumbag that flooded America with drugs while fighting a war on drugs

  2. john gregory

    The worst president in history. He flooded America with drugs while fighting the war on drugs!

  3. Randall C Lorenz

    President Ronald Reagan was an awesome governor and president.
    Under brown california became a slum. I left when calif became a communist country back in 1990 and evicted most of the military out of northern calif.


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