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The Great Lord Lucan Mystery

November 7, 2022

On November 7, 1974, 29-year-old Sandra Rivett was working as a nanny. She walked into the dark basement of her apartment in London but never walked out. Only an hour later, Lady Veronica Lucan ran bleeding into a nearby pup claiming her husband had just killed the nanny. However, when authorities went to question Lord Lucan, he was nowhere to be found. In fact, no one ever saw him again.

Richard John Bingham (Lord Lucan) was born into a rich family. He was known for his love of motorboats, vodka martinis and fast cars. Originally a banker, he soon discovered a knack for gambling and quit his job to pursue the hobby full-time. However, the family soon crumbled under Lucan’s gambling problems and $60,000 debt. The couple separated, and Veronica was about to win a custody battle for the children.

November 7, 1974, Lord Lucan was supposed to meet another woman for a date.

However, he never showed up. Instead, Veronica claims he attacked her after killing their nanny Sandra Rivett in the kitchen of their family home. She believes he thought Rivett was her.  

Lord Lucan immediately fled, commencing the great Lord Lucan mystery. That night, he called his mother, asking her to pick up the children from his home. It is the last known phone call he made and was from an unidentified location. A warrant was released for his arrest, but he was never found.

Interesting Facts:

  • Lord Lucan was declared dead in 1999.
  • In 2016, Lord Lucan was issued a death certificate so that his son could inherit his titles.
  • Lady Veronica Lucan died at 80 years old from an overdose.
  • There have been 70 different alleged sightings of Lord Lucan throughout the years. However, none have been verified.
  • Some believe he was killed and fed to a tiger. Others believe he killed himself after realizing his fatal mistake.

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  1. Mary VonEiff

    They found him in Australia in a Buddhist commune. Recently. Google it.


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