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Teddy Roosevelt’s Birthday

October 27, 2022

On October 27, 1858, Teddy Roosevelt was born. On October 27, 1880, he married the love of his life, Alice Hathaway Lee. The two settled down into a pleasant routine of married life, where Roosevelt worked as a New York State Assemblyman and saved money by combining birthday and anniversary celebrations.

A Life Of Loss

In 1884, two days after the birth of Roosevelt's daughter, tragedy struck. Twice. First, his mother died of typhoid fever. Then Alice died of kidney failure. The devastated Roosevelt left his newborn daughter with his sister for a few years while he dealt with his grief. Roosevelt proceeded to head out west and become a cattle rancher. He learned how to hunt and worked on developing "the stern, manly qualities that are invaluable to a nation," as he later put it. During this time, he got heavily involved in nature conservation efforts.

Unfortunately, his new life was not without hardship, either. The Big Die-Up (the popular name for the freakishly severe winter of 1886-1887) wiped out his entire herd of cattle. Devastated once again, he reversed his earlier migration, headed back east, and got involved in politics once more.

Roosevelt in Politics

Roosevelt worked in various political jobs for the next several years and volunteered to fight when the Spanish-American War broke out in 1898. After proving himself a distinguished leader in the war, he became governor of New York, then vice president of the United States. Then, when President McKinley was assassinated, president. This is what he is remembered for today.

Major Accomplishments

As the first president of the 20th century, Teddy Roosevelt distinguished himself by getting the Panama Canal built, busting up monopolies, promoting environmental conservation, and winning a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering peace between Russia and Japan. He is also notable for being the first president to have cameras following him everywhere, motion pictures having become a thing while he was in office. His autobiography certainly makes for an interesting read. It does not, though, so much as mention Alice. He found her to be a subject too painful to discuss for the rest of his life.


Happy Birthday Teddy!

On this day in 1858, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born to Martha Stewart Bulloch and Theodore Roosevelt Sr. As the first president of the 20th century, Teddy Roosevelt distinguished himself by getting the Panama Canal built, busting up monopolies, promoting environmental conservation, and winning a Nobel Peace Prize for brokering peace between Russia and Japan.
But what was life like for the man who carried a big stick? Continue reading to find out.


  1. James Forsyth

    Thank you for honoring Teddy. As I recall, his mother and wife died on consecutive days. That had to heighten his appreciation of human mortality. His western experience converted him from a classic dude into a man who understood the value of men who work with their hands to this country.

    When his military history is studied, you wonder if he believed he was impervious to shot and shell. However, he received considerable criticism over the years for losing too many men to brash attack decisions.

    As a politician, he didn’t often shy away from making hard decisions. That quality found on the wrong end of a number of his decisions but he didn’t shy from taking responsibility for those. He led the country in popularizing conservation.

    After his political career ended, his lust for challenge remained. At 52, when there were few cures for jungle diseases and parasites, he decided to travel the Amazon from its jungle beginnings to the sea. He became grievously ill and had to be carried on a stretcher for the last leg of the trip, arriving to civilization almost dead.

    His remaining years were devoted to conservation, writing and speaking. When his body was lowered into its grave, there was no dispute that Roosevelt had completely expended its warranty. As I study politics today, I wonder if we have any more of these men–and if we do, when will they step forward.

  2. Sherry A Wells

    “…when the Spanish-American War broke out in 1898.” All by itself? The US declared the war based on Cuban’s strive for independence from Spain–Cuba has never forgiven the US for not being invited to the table to negotiate the end of hostilities. Cuban history also suspects the US bombed the Maine to lead to the war. One ultimate result was the US taking the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico and soon Hawaii, expanding its own empire.

  3. Susan

    Very interesting President. Overcoming great loss he continue to press on to do great things for our Nation!

  4. John N Burke

    Very inspiring. Reminds me of the hardship endured by Abraham Lincoln during his life. Sometimes we don’t understand the cost paid by our great leaders.

  5. David Lindsley

    One of are best Presidents, much respect!!!

  6. Nicholas Perschka

    I said happy birthday to yu ,yu send on the my mail to me

  7. Stephen J Corley

    Incredible President who after getting the Panama Canal built the United States became a World ???? Power after the Spanish American war as our Footprint went all over as Cuba and the Philippines went under American influence and power from Victory over the Spanish and creating a very powerful US Navy which could get to Pacific and Atlantic a lot faster with having the Panama ???????? Canal Open
    He Walked the Walk and Talked the Talk ,He was the Real McCoy not a Bullshit Artist he did everything he said he would do ,He also protected big Swaths of Land by creating National Parks .He was a Hunter ,Fisherman ,Boxer ,Solider ,Adventuer ,Explorer did so much in his life and kids referred to him as the Teddy Bear ???? as he was so like a Grizzly Bear ???? He was a True American Hero .


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