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1948-UN rejects Russian proposal to destroy atomic weapons

October 21, 2022

After the UN rejected the Russian demands, USSR's nuclear project under Joseph Stalin began the Atomic bomb project.

The UN rejects Russia's bid to have the US destroy all its Nuclear weapons. On October 21, 1948, the end of the trials to enter an age of nuclear control failed. This led to accelerated efforts by the Americans and Soviets toward weapons development and, eventually, the nuclear arms race.

The initial American Proposal sought to enable the entire world to benefit from nuclear energy rather than using it to have war leverage.

Following the rejection of the Baruch Proposal for regulation and inspection of nuclear progression, the USSR pushed for the US to destroy all nuclear power. However, the UN rejected these demands by Russia, beginning the nuclear arms race. Here are some fun facts

Fun Facts:

  • The role of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission would have been to distribute nuclear energy to benefit the world instead of going to war.
  • Russia rejected the American plan first to regulate and inspect nuclear advances and progression.
  • Bernard Baruch drafted the American plan; he was one of the most trusted people by the United States presidency.
  • After the unsuccessful efforts to "Monopolize" nuclear energy by the UN, the Cold War ensued in 1949.


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