1384- Jadwiga is crowned King of Poland

October 16, 2022

On October 16th, 1384, Jadwiga was crowned King in the capital of Poland. She was crowned by Queen Elizabeth and sent to Poland after her failed marriage proposal to the Duke of Masovia. There she reigned as Queen until 1386 when she married Wladyslaw, who became King of Poland.

Jadwiga of Hungary and Poland became King under the most controversial circumstances, and after a short while, the Queen to King Wladyslaw Jagiello.

Despite being the youngest daughter of King Louis the Great of Hungary and Poland, Jadwiga was the favored daughter to rule after her father.

Fun Facts:

  • Wladyslaw Jagiello was a pagan from Lithuania who had to convert to Christianity to marry Jadwiga.
  • Jadwiga was promised to William of Austria, but the Polish nobles rejected William after she was appointed Queen.
  • Despite Jadwiga being King Louis the Great's youngest daughter, he favored her as his successor.
  • The Queen appointed Jadwiga's elder sister Mary as Queen before her, but because of misunderstandings between her husband Sigismund and the Polish nobles, the Queen had to appoint Jadwiga.
  • The Catholic church canonized Jadwiga in 1997.


  1. Danny

    Queen Elizabeth wasn’t even born yet. Something wrong with this article.

    • Samuel Navarro

      JadWiga is an MTF!

    • deplorabledee

      Queen Elizabeth “of Poland” was actually her mother……and no this info is not clear in this article.


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