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1869- President Franklin Pierce died

October 8, 2022

On October 8, 1869, United States President Franklin Pierce died at 64. He succumbed to liver cirrhosis and died at his home in New Hampshire. He was the first and only president from New Hampshire; President Franklin Pierce was the 14th president of the United States. He was a known alcoholic and a democrat who lost support from other democrats because of his lack of firmness against slavery.

President Franklin Pierce died in New Hampshire of liver cirrhosis; he was 64 years old. After his presidency, when asked what he would do, he said he had nothing else to do but drink.

President Franklin Pierce was the son of a war lieutenant who later became vigorously involved in state politics. He is considered one of the failed United States presidencies because of the 1854 slavery legislation of Kansas-Nebraska, which led to the American civil war. Here are some fun facts about President Franklin Pierce.

Fun Facts

  • After his presidency, when asked what he would do, President Franklin Pierce said there was nothing else to do except drink.
  • President Franklin Pierce was the first and last American president from New Hampshire.
  • President Franklin Pierce’s son died in a gruesome train crash.
  • President Franklin Pierce served as president for only one term; the failure of the Kansan-Nebraska slavery act resulted in the American Civil war, and many democrats lost faith in him.
  • During the 1852 elections, President Franklin Pierce vied against his former commander General Winfield Scott and won.


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