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1946- 22 Nazi leaders, are found guilty of war crimes at the Nuremberg war trial

September 30, 2022

World War II will go down in history as the darkest ages in humanity's past. After the Germans surrendered, the International Military Tribunal held war trials for 199 defendants for the crimes committed during the war.

Allied nations, namely the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union, assembled together and put Nazi German leaders on trial for the crimes committed during the World War. September 30, 1946, will be remembered as the day Nazi leaders were held accountable and found guilty for their crimes committed during WWII. While Germany issued a notice to surrender, US president Harry Truman appointed Robert H Jackson as Justice of the Supreme Court to oversee the trials. The trials took 11 months.

Fun Facts

  • One hundred ninety-nine defendants were tried during the Nuremberg trials; out of those, 161 were convicted, while 37 were sentenced to death.
  • Eight days before the German surrender, President Harry Truman appointed Robert H Jackson to be the supreme court Justice that would preside over the Nuremberg war trials.
  • The Nuremberg war trial was one of its kind; it was presided over by a panel of nine judges from America, Britain, France, and Germany.
  • The Nuremberg war trials were simultaneously translated into English, German, and French.
  • Nuremberg, Germany, was the designated venue for the trials since it was a focal point in Nazi Germany propaganda leading up to the war.
  • On October 18th, 1945, 24 Nazi officials were indicted for crimes against peace and humanity.


  1. Kenneth Carroll

    You included Germany as providing judges and left out The Soviet Union! Do you guys REALLY know history?

  2. John

    I have been to the courtroom. It’s exactly as pictured and used occasionally as a working court

  3. Bob McPartlin

    I believe Robert H Jackson was the chief US prosecutor, not one of the judges presiding.


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