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1981- Sandra Day O’Connor becomes 1st female US Supreme Court Justice

September 25, 2022

You have probably heard of Sandra Day O'Connor, Ronald Reagan's nominated candidate for Justice, and the fulfillment of his promise to elect a female Justice.

On 21st September 1981, the Senate elected Sandra Day O'Connor unanimously. She became the first woman Justice in the history of the USA, authoring a total of 676 opinions in her career and paving the way for other women who, like her, sought to surpass societal norms.

During her reign, Sandra authored 676 opinions, 301 of those being of the Opinion of the Court.

From humble beginnings on a ranch in El Paso, Texas, Sandra Day O'Connor rose to become arguably one of the most powerful women in the world at the time. She assumed office four days after her election on 21st September 1981, serving 24 years. She was considered a swing vote, the crucial decision that had the potential to decide the outcome of an election.

Fun Facts

  • During her youth, Sandra Day O'Connor owned a piece; she'd use it to shoot jackrabbits and coyotes on their ranch.
  • O'Connor was nominated by Ronald Reagan as the first woman Justice and elected unanimously by the Senate.
  • After she graduated, Sandra found it difficult to find a job because of her gender.
  • Sandra Day was the first woman in Arizona and all states to be elected as Majority Leader.
  • Sandra authored a total of 676 opinions, 301 being of the Court's Opinion.
  • Justice Sandra O'Connor was at the center of multiple cases between 1980 and 2005; she is primarily known for being the swing vote in the Roe v. Wade case, which decreed the right to have abortions.

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  1. Susan Takacs

    Sandra Day O Connor Was A Remarkable Judge
    Fora a long time!
    She tried to help everyone and the Country!


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