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2019 – Greta Thunberg leads world’s largest climate change protest

September 20, 2022

On September 20, 2019, Swedish-born Greta Thunberg led the world's largest climate change protest in Manhattan, New York, dubbed School Strike for Climate Movement. The strike occurred three days before the United Nations Climate Summit, and it rallied other climate change activists behind the noble cause.

Facts About The World’s Largest Climate Protest:

  • The world's most prominent climate change protests led by Greta Thunberg rallied millions across the globe to raise awareness about the need for immediate action towards climate change. In Manhattan, where she addressed an eager audience of 250,000 people.
  • Organizers of the event estimated that the September 20 protests had the participation of 4 million people worldwide. In Germany, there were 1.4 million participants; in Australia, 300,000 protestants; in the UK, 300,000; and in New York, 250,000 participants.
  • Following the worldwide strikes popularly referred to as the Greta Effect, more than 2,000 scientists in forty countries pledged their support.
  • While attending the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit in North America, Greta sailed in a yacht to avoid carbon-intensive flying. And at the summit, she exclaimed, "How dare you?" to the amusement of the press and the high-profile world leaders in attendance.
  • Greta admits that she can either stay home and be unhappy or protest the climate changes and be happy.


  1. JoeyP

    There’s NOTHING noble about SUPPORTING a LIE . . . so called “climate change” (?!?) has been going on for MILLENIA on END.

  2. cathleen hunzeker

    the biggest con job since the Crusades…science and geo history is ignored while the teen pied piper leads the globe on a merry hysteria…too bad it is mostly wrong


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