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1965- The Beatles release “Yesterday”

September 13, 2022

One night in his dream Paul McCartney composed a song and rushed to write it down and compose it when he woke up, fearing that he would forget it. Later, this song became known as "Yesterday," one of the band's popular releases.

In August 1965, the Beatles band released the single "Yesterday." This track was part of their album Help! It was written by Paul McCartney and performed by the whole band.

The fun bit about this composition is that Paul McCartney was credited with the song's composition; however, it was released by the entire Beatles band.

"Yesterday" by the Beatles has topped charts in the US and UK; despite this, Paul McCartney felt embarrassed by the release, possibly because he was the sole composer. Over the years, "Yesterday became one of the most covered songs in recording history; over 2200 artists have covered it. Now that is a record success.

Fun Facts:

  • "Yesterday" was composed in a dream. Paul McCartney dreamt one night while he slept; fearing he would forget the song, he rushed to his piano the following morning to play the melody.
  • The song "Yesterday" has been covered by 2200 artists.
  • Paul McCartney is one of the most popular solo artists and historical performers regarding records sold and concert attendance.
  • During a radio poll by BBC in 1999, "Yesterday" was voted the best song of the 20th century.
  • Paul McCartney is the only band member featured on the officially released recording.
  • McCartney feared that he had plagiarized someone else's composition. For the following month, he went around the music industry looking for a similar composition.

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  1. Patrick Taggart

    Thank you for the entire music you have written over the years. You have made me happy when I was sad and cheered me up when I was blue. You made me laugh and mad me cry but most of all you have entertained me all those years you have been singing. Thank you.


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