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1958- Supreme Court orders integration in Little Rock

September 12, 2022

On September 12th, 1958, the supreme court ordered the integration of high schools in the Little Rock High School District. The integration plan was countered by many citizens, all aimed at preventing the initiative from pushing forward.

After long battles in court and on the streets, integration in the Little Rock School District began. This court order was followed by protests from the citizens and court battles until the successful integration in 1961.

Fun Facts:

  • The Integration plan began in 1954 after the Supreme Court ruling but was actualized in 1961.
  • Judge Harry Lemley ruled in favor of the district to delay the plan because of the resultant unrest.
  • Gloria Ray's mother (one of the student's parents) was fired because of refusing to withdraw her child from Central High.
  • In 1958, Governor Faubus closed Little Rock High School District because of the failed integration. The schools ended up opening later.
  • Little Rock School District comprised several public schools; they were all closed for 11 months.
  • Elizabeth Eckford arrived at school alone on September 4th, 1957; she was met by a mob of angry white students and parents who yelled and screamed at her. She recalled one of the parents spitting on her.
  • The National Guard was ordered to block the entry into Central High by Governor Orval Faubus so that the Little Rock Nine would not go in.
  • Judge Davies ordered the removal of the National Guard and bestowed the mandate to maintain order on the Little Rock Police department.
  • Ernest Green was the only senior in the Little Rock group; she became the first person of color to graduate from the institution.


  1. Roger Gibbs

    One of a plethora of obstacles African-Americans consistently encounter.This has been an ever existing struggle-dating from Reconstruction to the gerrymandering of today. The list of obstacles numbers greatly.

  2. Joyce

    The same people whose children are now members of the radical Republicans and those who claim that they are CHRISTIANS.


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