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1890- Colonel Sanders is born

September 9, 2022

Born on 9/9/1890, in Henryville, Indiana, Harland David Sanders was a successful American entrepreneur.  Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was the brainchild of Colonel Harland Sanders, who formerly cooked simple country dishes at a roadside gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. Even after the Colonel died in 1980, he is still the famously recognizable face of the company. His entrepreneurial story and road to fast-food fame tell a lot more than the tasty, Finger-licking Good Chicken.

During the Great Depression, KFC founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky. And while in business, he quickly identified the potential of fast-food franchising.

After constantly perfecting his unique and secret blend of 11 herbs and flavors, the first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet launched near Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952. And the new chicken flavor quickly challenged the dominance of the Hamburger.

Over a decade after launching KFC, the franchise rapidly expanded, making it impossible for Sanders to manage on his own, so he sold it to investors Jack Massey and John Brown. Colonel Sanders remains a prominent figure in US cultural history, and his portrait is still in all KFC adverts.


  1. Paula S Walker

    Thank you

  2. Bonnie Brown

    My very favorite fried chicken (next to my Mother’s)!! Always prefer KFC to any other.

  3. Paul Hardy

    KFC, a big part of history, made chicken what is today. The Colonel is still strong.

  4. Bob

    First taste of kfc in the early 1970s for me was a lifetime changing event. Kfc was and always will be a fav. The taste is unmatched even today. Back then there was only one flavor. 1 was enough to sell millions and one was enough to leave me and millions addicted for life. Col. Harland Sanders was an icon of the change in fast food. His legacy will live on forever. Hat tip to those that carry on his memory in the advertising. Great marketing move. We associate many products with advertising schemes. Those that made the legacy and memory of the man are smart and to be praised.


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