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1901- President McKinley is shot

September 6, 2022

Over 100 years ago, President William McKinley was shot twice using a 32 caliber Iver Johnson revolver. The perpetrator, Leon Czolgosz, was arraigned in court and tried, quickly found guilty, and executed.

After just six months in office for his second presidential term, US President McKinley was shot twice at the temple of music in Buffalo, New York. Leon Czolgosz chose September 6, 1901, as the day to assassinate the president. He shot US president McKinley twice in the stomach while shaking hands at the Pan American Exposition.

President William McKinley was shot twice by Leon Czolgosz.

Facts about William McKinley

  • The original gunshot did not kill the president. He died on September 14, 1901, after contracting an infection deep inside his wound from gangrene. The infection went unnoticed for a while and would eventually end his life.

  • He was succeeded by his deputy Roosevelt Theodore swiftly after that.

  • William McKinley was 58 at the time of his demise.

Facts about Leon Czolgosz

  • Leon Czolgosz was 28 years old when he shot the president.

  • He was an anarchist and steelworker who had difficulty getting by financially. He was executed by electric chair after he was found guilty by the State of New York.

  • Leon Frank was born in Alpena, Michigan, in 1873. He was one of 8 children born in the family.

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  1. Reuben

    I truly enjoy these little tidbits of history. Learn things I never knew


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