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1898 The Goodyear tire company founded

August 29, 2021

1898 The Goodyear tire company founded

Frank Seiberling founded the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company on 29th August 1898. The company was named after Charles Goodyear, who was the inventor of vulcanized rubber. Goodyear is an American multinational tire manufacturing company that is based in Akron, Ohio, USA. It manufactures tires for commercial trucks, light trucks, automobiles, SUVs, motorcycles, farm equipment, airplanes, race cars, bicycles, and heavy earth-moving machinery.

The first Goodyear tires received popularity due to the little maintenance they required and the fact that they were easily detachable. The first abroad-based facility for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was built in Ontario, Canada, in 1910. This plant is still in operation to date specializing in passenger car tires. There is also another Canadian facility in Alberta that specializes in manufacturing consumer tires. Goodyear was the first tire company to enter the Chinese market in 1994. The company earned the title of the world’s largest tire company twice, in 1916 and 1999.

Currently, Goodyear runs an estimated 48 facilities in 21 countries worldwide, including 17 USA-based facilities. Other facilities are based in 11 countries of Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Additionally, the company owns about 1,100 tire and auto service spots. Even though the company has manufacturing facilities all around the world, the technologies, materials, and chemicals come from the USA. This ensures brand consistency and quality across the manufacturing facilities.

Goodyear is one of the most trusted American tire companies offering durable and high-quality products. It is also currently ranked as the world’s largest tire manufacturer.


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