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1533- The last Sapa Inca Emperor is killed

August 29, 2022

On August 29, 1533, Atahualpa, the last Sapa Inca Emperor, was executed. He had just briefly ruled after defeating his brother. The previous emperor ordered his brother's and his family's execution to end any bloodline that could threaten his reign.

Atahualpa did not become the last and thirteenth Inca Emperor by a fluke of luck. He worked diligently to gain support from the Canari and built an army to defeat the current emperor Huascar, his brother.

Fun Facts

  • Atahualpa was executed by strangulation using a garrote, a device used to strangle condemned persons. At first, the Spanish ordered him to be burned alive but had a change of heart and offered him death by the garrote if he converted to Christianity.

  • Atahualpa started his reign in 1532 after overthrowing his brother Huascar and having his entire family executed to eliminate any threat to his position.

  • Atahualpa had a queen Coya Asarpay and a secondary wife, Cuxirimay Ocllo

  • On August 29, 1533, Atahualpa was executed and laid to rest in Cajamarca, which is also locally called Kashamarka

  • Atahualpa's father, Huayna Capac, died from smallpox, a disease that killed his eldest brother Ninan Cuyochi.

  • The Spanish Francisco Pizarro successfully conquered and captured Atahualpa in November 1532.

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  1. Bastet

    That blood line business. Slowly but surely it brings all dynasties to their inbred ends..
    Thank you for emailing this


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