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1945: USSR established a communist government

August 8, 2022

On August 8, 1945, the Soviet Union established a communist government in North Korea. The USSR had occupied North Korea two years earlier and installed a communist regime to help rebuild the country. 

Despite ongoing opposition from the U.S., China and South Korea's occupation of the peninsula continued until 1953, when the country could finally stand on its own two feet. It would take another 20 years before they could fully establish their sovereignty by establishing an independent state in 1972.

The original North Korean state was established in 1948 by the Soviets. The USSR wanted the country to become a communist state, but many Koreans were wary of being ruled by the Chinese and Soviets.

North Korea is still a communist nation, but things are different now as it has endured decades of economic hardships since its founding.

Facts about August 8, 1945: USSR established a communist government in North Korea

  • After the surrender of Japan in World War II, 1945, the Soviet Union entered the Korean Peninsula with its three zones of occupation. The Soviet zone was located south of the 38th Parallel, which marked the border between North and South Korea. The southern half of Korea was under Japanese rule until its defeat in World War II.

  • The Soviets would allow North and South Korea to govern independently; however, they intervened forcibly to unify their two halves.

  • After June 25, 1948, the Soviet Union granted North Korea "aid" in military equipment and training.

  • During this time, the Soviets also imposed a policy of collective leadership. In practice, this meant that one man ruled North Korea.

  • With the creation of a one-party dictatorship in North Korea in 1948 under Kim Il-Sung, South Koreans began to resist their government to restore democracy and freedom.


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    Using the DPRK combined with democracy and freedom is a great joke.

  2. Thanos Voudouris

    Wrong photo guys!
    North Korea.


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