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1944 – Anne Frank and her family are arrested

August 4, 2022

On August 4, 1944, in Amsterdam, Anne Frank and her family were captured by the Nazi Gestapo. On that fateful day, the police in Nazi-controlled Amsterdam raided a warehouse and captured the eight Jews who had been hiding in an annex that was disguised behind a bookcase.

The reason for the arrest was simple: she and her family were Jewish and were in hiding, which made them criminals.

More Facts About the Arrest of Anne Frank and Her Family

  • On August 4, 1944, the Nazis arrested Anne Frank, her family, and other Jews (the van Pels family and Fritz Pfeiffer). They had been hiding from the Nazis at Otto Frank's office building 263 Prinsengracht in a secret Annex above the offices.
  • An anonymous tip guided the Nazis to the secret annex where Ann Frank and her family were captured. Even after decades of investigations, no source has proved the informant's identity.
  • Two retired FBI officials partly lead the 20-person team; Roger Depue, a behavioral scientist; and Vince Pankoke, a former special agent.
  • Anne Frank was only 15 years old when she was arrested
  • The Franks lived in hiding for over two years
  • Although the circumstances of Frank's arrest have been cloaked in mystery, the diary he kept during her confinement is currently among the most crucial accounts of the Holocaust.
  • The Nazi Gestapo forced the Franks and van Pels to hand over their valuables.
  • The Gestapo threw out Otto Frank's briefcase containing Anne Frank's diary from when she turned 13 through their hiding.
  • Anne Frank's father, Otto was the only family member who survived the subsequent deportation to concentration camps


  1. Joy

    evil then and still around now

  2. Joy

    Evil then and still here now

  3. Veritas

    I never understood how people could be made to hate another group of people so much as to turn them into the police like this until I watched how people treated those not wearing masks during the pandemic. Government programming is extremely powerful especially when we are told it is for the greater good.

  4. Lester C Liby

    Never again!!!!


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