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1770 William Clark,explorer, born

August 1, 2021

1770 William Clark,explorer, born

On August 1, 1770, William Clark was born in Ladysmith, the eldest son of John and Sarah Clark. He grew up on the family farm and received his education in a one-room schoolhouse. When he was nine years old, he discovered his love for exploring. His father encouraged him to be adventurous and not let any opportunity go unused.

William Clark was one of the most famous explorers in United States history. He explored the frontier of the United States and discovered many new territories. In addition, he is known for being a very competent leader and having an incredible ability to lead large groups of people.

At the age of 17, Clark had explored most of what is now known as Kentucky and Ohio. He was well known for his explorations in the American West and one of the first Americans to see the Pacific Ocean when he established Fort Clatsop in 1806 on Oregon, Columbia River.

Clark spent his early life exploring Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. Then he moved to Illinois and became a militia member that defended against Native Americans during the Black Hawk War of 1832-1833.

After this war, he settled on a farm near Streator before accepting an offer from Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly formed West.

He demonstrated his skill as a leader in his ruthlessness and pragmatism, which was later put to the test when he led his army across the ocean and extended America’s frontier.

On September 1, 1838, William Clark died at a residence near St Louis, Missouri.


  1. Dwight McAllister

    Your article reads that Clark was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore the west after the Black Hawk War 1832-1833. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826.

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  4. C. T. Weber

    Why no mention of Meriweather Lewis, the leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

  5. Steve

    I normally enjoy recieving and reading your Today in History news letter. However your piece on William Clark is so full of inaccuracies that the only thing you got correct was his birthdate. I expected better from a org that promotes history. It makes me wonder what else you’ve gotten wrong.

  6. Frank Foran

    Doesn’t anyone proofread these prior to being “published”? I agree with Dwight McAllister’s math. I also sincerely doubt if he ever led an army anywhere especially across the newly acquired “West”….Louisiana Purchase? This author is very confused and needs to read a few history books.

  7. Walter Warnick

    In 1794, William Clark was an officer among the troops organized in northern Virginia to march to southwest Pennsylvania to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion. My gggg-grandfather served under Clark. Meriwether Lewis was also part of this force.


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