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FDR signs G.I. Bill

June 22, 2022

Servicemen fighting in World War II would forsake college and vocational training, dedicating their time to fighting in the war. As a welcome compensation plan, the G.I Bill of Rights offered relief in form of weekly allowances for unemployed veterans and money for vocational training and education.

New opportunities under the bill also included low-interest home loans, assistance in finding jobs, and improved VA hospitals. These benefits helped to restore their place in society, by raising their standards of living and equipping them with practical skills.

By the time of the bill's expiration in 1956, at least 2.4 million vets had access to affordable home loans while 7.8 million vets had access to education and training benefits.


  1. Sandy Clark

    I think it’s very important to include in this particular historic fact, that black servicemen who fought (and died) in WW II, received none of these benefits greatly contributing to the vast economic differences between whites and blacks in this country.

  2. Sandy Clark

    I think I successfully submitted this comment before but I will try again. The GI Bill is a wonderful thing. I think it’s important to note, though, that black servicemen who fought in World War II did not receive any of these GI benefits, further expanding the economic gaps between backs and whites.

  3. Joyce D. Harris

    African American veterans of WWII (like several in my family) were discriminated against and were not allowed to benefit from this bill and were denied the privilege of being homeowners because of their race. White WWII veterans/neighbors of mine bought homes — homes that have been passed down to their heirs. This country’s rich legacy is mired by racism and it still is today. And let’s not even talk about fair and equitable rights to get an education — a quality education and college degree! Same problem — if you’re Black stay back — if you’re White you’re right — stick around.

  4. Dorothy Benner

    We owed them this consideration. That was their chance to have a lift up to continue to better our country.


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