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1987-Margaret Thatcher wins Britain Prime Minister election for the 3rd consecutive term

June 11, 2022

On June 11, 1987, the United Kingdom held its general elections. Margaret Thatcher emerged victorious, becoming the first woman Prime Minister to retain that position for three terms in succession. The main issues that Thatcher's government promised to deal with were reducing the taxes and defending the nation and its currency.

The Conservative party, led by Thatcher, garnered 347 seats in the House of Commons, making it the majority party. Margaret was also able to retain her parliamentary seat in Finchley Constituency. Notably, the first Black members of Parliament in modern history were elected.

The results of the elections created political tension between the two main parties. The Conservative Party was ready to spare its people from excessive taxation into a more robust economy and strong defense system. Regions in the South of the United Kingdom were mainly conservatives, while regions in the North, such as Wales and Scotland, were Labor Party die-hard fans. This made the country politically volatile and challenging to lead.



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