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1871-Jesse James robs Obocock Bank for $15,000

June 3, 2022

On June 3, 1871, the American outlaw Jesse James robbed $15,000 from Obocock Bank. Jesse was somewhat of a career criminal, having once served as a Confederate guerilla in the US Civil war. During this time, he sharpened his banditry skills, often robbing banks. He would also attach trains as they were used to transport the most valuable goods.

Jesse James could not have pulled all the heists he took part in alone. He worked with a gang they fondly named the James-Younger Gang. Jesse’s brother Frank was a member of the gang and a few other criminal associates. Jesse James evaded capture for more than 15 years despite his repeated illegal activities.

Brief history

On September 5, 1847, Jesse James was born in Kearney, Missouri, to father Robert S James and mother Zeralda Cole James. The authorities never caught him during his long criminal career. Robert Ford, a member of the James-Younger gang, shot Jesse James in the back of the head for the bounty promised for Jesse James’ capture or killing.

Fun Facts

  • Jesse’s first heist was a surprise train attack that left 150 people dead. The James Younger gang helped accomplish the theft on September 27, 1864.
  • On June 3, 1871, James and his gang of criminals robbed Obocock Bank in Iowa of $15,000.
  • The gang’s last robbery was on July 7, 1875. They picked a train in Otterville, Missouri.
  • Jesse James would get married in 1874 to his cousin Zeralda Mimms who would remarry twice after Jesse James was shot.
  • It took 15 years before Jesse James was finally caught. 


  1. mervin bowser

    Good reading

  2. Sandra A LaCroix

    I love reading all about people. History helps separate the truth from the Hollywood version.

  3. Darlene McClearen


  4. Bill Krumm

    I was born in Adair Iowa where Jesse robbed a train 1 person killed ! Your article speaks of a train robbery where 150 were killed ! Where and when was this ?

  5. Rich

    Like to know more about the man that shot Jesse.


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