Sound of Music Is Released

March 2, 2022

On March 2, 1965, The Sound of Music, an American musical drama, was released. Although it initially received a critical response, it later achieved significant success, taking the world by storm. In just four weeks, the musical became the number one box office movie and the highest-selling movie in 1965. The film gained enthralling success following its initial theatrical release that lasted for about five years and two re-releases.

The Sound of Music is a film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. It was produced and directed by Robert Wise. The musical is based on the 1949 story of the Trapp Family Singers and tells the story of a young Austrian postulant in Salzburg.

Maria, the spirited young woman, leaves the convent to become a governess in the home of a retired naval captain with seven children.

 With song and charm, she soon wins the hearts of the children and their widowed father, Captain Von Trapp. When the captain opposes working with the German Nazis, he and Maria are forced to flee with the children across the Austrian Alps to Switzerland. They later go to the U.S and become a famous singing group.

The Sound of Music received five Academy Awards, among them Best Director and Best Picture. Later on, the film also received two Golden Globe awards for Best Actress and Best Motion Picture. The film also won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Written American Musical as well as the Directors Guild of America Award for outstanding directing. In 1998, The Sound of Music was listed as one of America’s greatest movies of all time.


  1. Bob Campbell

    Once again, you tease us with a question in your headline, get us to click your site, and then do not answer the question to which we responded. Absolutely unethical!

  2. Joe Kunkel

    On visiting the Austrian city of Salzburg I was immediately struck by an add campaign that blared out from large and small posters all over the entrances to Salzburg “Not The Sound of Music”. Of course this story of the Von Trapp family escape from Nazi aggression had to be ‘modified’ from the truth. The escape from Austria to neutral Switzerland over the Alps is exaggerated in its details since trekking from Salzburg to Switzerland is clearly geographically more complicated that depicted in the musical. Look at a map please! I am not sure what other complaints the Salzburgians have and whether they are told in “Not The Sound of Music”>

  3. Randal Agostini

    A truly heartwarming story of love and hope, which deserved all the accolades it received. How I wish that we could focus on the God given gifts of people and the beauty of the world, which is our canvas, instead of trying to fill our satisfaction buckets.

  4. Constance Majka

    One of my favorite movies of all time 💞


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