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1431- Joan of Arc’s first day of interrogation for her hearsay trial

February 21, 2023

The story of the young maid, Joan of Arc, has captivated historians for centuries. On February 21, 1431, she faced her first court-ordered interrogation after being accused of heresy and witchcraft for her refusal to renounce her visions. Joan was only 19 years old when she arrived in Rouen, France, that fateful day. She had no prior experience with the legal system and was met with confusion and fear as she entered the courthouse. Despite this, she held her head high through it all—something that can still be seen in historical records from the trial.

The Interrogation

The interrogation began early in the morning before dawn and lasted for over nine hours. During this time, Joan answered a series of questions put forth by the court's presiding bishops. These questions were designed to test her knowledge of religious doctrine and challenge her visions as well as any other statements made by her supporters or family members. Joan maintained a calm demeanor throughout the entire process despite accusations being shouted at her from all directions. Her refusal to give up on her beliefs, even in a hostile environment, became an example of courage to many people across Europe who saw their own struggles mirrored in hers.

Joan's Death

Throughout the next few days, Joan continued to make powerful statements about faith, justice, and gender roles which eventually led to her being tried for heresy as opposed to witchcraft or sorcery.

She was executed by burning at the stake on May 30, 1431. Afterward, her remains were thrown into the Seine River.

Reverberations Throughout History

Even though these trials would ultimately end in tragedy for Joan, they laid the groundwork for civil rights discussions that we are still having centuries later. It is estimated that over 50% of total transcripts from proceedings have been saved due to their significant importance in history.

It is clear that Joan's story resonates with people all around the world even long after she passed away, proving just how powerful one person's actions can be if they remain true to themselves even under tremendous pressure.


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