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1876-Sardines were first canned in Eastport, Maine by Julius Wolff

February 17, 2023

On February 17th, 1876, Julius Wolff made history in Eastport, Maine, when he successfully canned the first ever can of sardines. This accomplishment marked the beginning of a piscine revolution – making it possible to preserve and enjoy fish without ever having to wait for them to be caught fresh.

At the time, Eastport was a bustling little fishing village whose inhabitants relied heavily upon their catch as their main source of sustenance. Local fishermen often brought back more than they could consume and would struggle with how to best store surplus fish for later use. It was here that Wolff saw an opportunity to improve the way people enjoyed seafood and introduced them to the concept of canned sardines.

The First Sardine Factory

Wolff began his endeavor by setting up a sardine factory in Eastport, where he carefully cured and processed local catches into cans which were then sold throughout the region under various labels. His sardines were an immediate success due in part not just to their convenience but also to their unique flavor profile – one resulting from a combination of freshness and quality ingredients.

Since then, canned sardines have become a staple ingredient in homes around the world. They are seen as an easy way to incorporate high-protein seafood options into meals without excess cost or preparation time. Additionally, these products are incredibly versatile. They provide chefs with an array of options for creating delicious dishes such as salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes— always with that signature sardine flavor profile at its base.

Today, His Legacy Lives On

What began as one man's attempt to provide his community with convenient and sustainable sources of protein soon became a culinary phenomenon transforming kitchens across continents everywhere, all thanks to Julius Wolff's pioneering efforts on that fateful day in 1876. Today, his legacy lives on through everyone who enjoys the distinctive taste of canned sardines, whether for lunch, dinner or both!


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