Franklin D. Roosevelt Sworn In 4th Time

January 20, 2022

Born in 1882, New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt, also referred to as FDR, demonstrated indomitable competence in public service. He became the first and only president of the United States to be inaugurated for a fourth term. Roosevelt overcame personal and political hurdles emerging as one of the most influential and revered presidents in history. On January 20, 1945, he was sworn in for his fourth presidential term after defeating Dewey by 54 percent of the popular vote.

At the time, a president would seek re-election more than twice before the 22nd Amendment that limited the presidency to only two terms. During his office tenure, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, presided over the Great Depression and World War II, two of the biggest crises in history. By his fourth term, and as the war was nearing its end, Roosevelt’s health declined, and in less than three months into his presidency, he died of an intracerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945, at Warm Springs, Georgia.

His fourth re-election was primarily based on his post-war recovery platform and the previous transformative record. For instance, his endeavor through neutrality legislation to keep the country out of the war in Europe, his earlier recovery program for agriculture, business, and unemployment relief led to his subsequent election success. Roosevelt also supervised the effort and support needed to win the war by initiating the Lend-Lease program.

Also, The Pentagon was constructed during his presidency and the initial development of the first atomic bomb that later established the United States as a world superpower.


  1. Paul Nobles

    Hard to believe this man was a democrat.

  2. Brian J Myers

    He also created some of the largest social programs in history that now, have been abused to the hilt by nearly half our population. The remaining half, taxpayers, are taxed to the point the “American Dream” is no more than a myth. I, as a taxpayer, must forfeight 24% of my annual earnings to a wasteful, useless government so they may redistribute my wealth to those wildly undeserving bumbs whom take total advantage of all social programs. These filthy politicians use our hard earned dollars to bribe the lazy, dependant population to keep voting the scum into power so they may continue to make themselves rich with our money as we slave away every day just to see our efforts squandered by the elites. Fkn slavery!!!


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